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Charli's 2nd Birthday!

Around Halloween this year, Charli Deville celebrated his 2nd birthday. It's really crazy to me how I've only been doing drag for 2 years. It feels like 100 years already! I'm starting to forget what life was like before I did this.

I never really had any desire to be a performer. I've never taken any kind of theatre class and I just started dancing lessons a few months before I started. I think having this more flazay-da approach to the whole thing has been a big asset. If people see that you want fame really bad, they can find ways to exploit you, and you'll be more likely to compromise yourself to get what you desire. I still have a "whatever happens happens" approach, and it has lead me into some pretty amazing places.

November has been absolutely wild, I've done about 15 shows this month, filmed a tv feature with CBC and appeared in 2 magazines. Lots of people don't know that I also have a full time job that I've been trying to balance in all this. I'm finally starting to figure out how to set healthy boundaries so that I can keep some of my sanity and get some sleep every once in a while. I'm going to keep this blog as a kind of journal for Charli, so that I can remember all the insane things I've been blessed to get to do.

Stay tuned!

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